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  • Mini Cooper S Highgate cabrio icon fadeIn racing-title Mini Cooper S Highgate cabrio icon fadeIn racing-title-mobile mini-cooper-s-cabrio ENGINE Turbo MPFI 1.6 fadeIn POWER kW 135 fadeIn 0 – 100 km/h seconds 7.3 fadeIn TOP SPEED km/h 225 fadeIn WEIGHT kg 1225 fadeIn PRICING 1 – 2 Days 3 – 4 Days 5+ Days $225 $150/day $210/day $125/day $195/day $100/day Weekend Monthly Chauffeured* $575 $375 POA $350/hr $250/hr Fri-Mon 400klms Enquire Today * 2 hours min Membership Discount 1-6 day rate 7+ day rate Intro Package $000 $000 Silver / Gold Package $000 $000 no-repeat;center top;; auto Mini Cooper S Highgate cabrio The new MINI Convertible is back with a thirst for more thrills. With a sleeker design, go-kart handling and smart technology, it’s ready for next-level open-air adventure. When it’s nice out, why wait to take it all in? Quick […]